Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's a long, sad story.

I'm not really a fan of change. It makes my stomach hurt.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

So a couple of years ago when Walmart quit stocking my favorite chap stick, it threw my world into a tail spin. I tried several different brands, but couldn't find the perfect one to replace my favorite.

But then! One day I was all the way across town at Drug Emporium, and I found my favorite chap stick. And all was right with my world. And every couple of months I made the trek across town to stock up. (If you're keeping score at home, yes, I've been driving across town for chap stick for two years. Don't judge.)

Here's my current stash of chap stick:

Also I have 3 more already open...1 on my night stand, 1 in my purse, and 1 in The Vera.

Then, not to long after I was reunited with my chap stick, Walmart stopped stocking my favorite razors. Seriously. I really wanted to break up with Walmart, because how many times have I fallen in love with something only to have Walmart quit stocking it? But we're on a budget.

And I really don't have it together enough to clip coupons. If I clip them, and they somehow miraculously make it into my purse, and I remember to purchase whatever the coupon is actually advertising, I forget to redeem them at the register.

But! I the next time I was at Drug Emporium I remembered to look for my razors! And they had them! And for two years my trips across town were smooth and meaningful.

Until a couple of weeks ago. I ran out of razors...and back-up razors. So I borrowed a razor from Honey. And my world stopped.

They are the exact same razor. Exactly. The. Same. Just alike. Exactly.

Except for the color. The boy razors are blue. And right down the street at Walmart.
And cheaper...a whole $2 cheaper! What's up with that Gillette? The boy razors are cheaper than the girl razors?!
I'm on to you Gillette. I'll show you. I'm going to start using the boy razors. I don't have to use a pink razor to feel like a girl.
I'm not driving all the way across town for your expensive, pink razors anymore.
Now, I'm off to find the boy version of my chap stick.


Ashley said...

I feel ya! I've searched high and low for Natural Ice before. They've always had it at United- which will save you a trip across town. :)
I've completely given up on girl razors. They don't work as well as the boy ones do. Even better if you can save money!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Hmph! The nerve of Gillette...thinking they can just scam us over for something pink!! :)

Amy said...

I soooooo know how you feel. Attachment = safety for me, so don't mess with it! I am very loyal to certain things and I wish manufacturers/stores woudl figure out there are quite a few of us out there, so keep my stuff a'coming!!!!

I totally figured out the razor thing a couple of years ago. We all (daughter, husband, and I) exclusively use the blue Gillette. And yes, they are cheaper! tsk-tsk

Su said...

Beware (some) running products for the same reason... Body Glide charges extra for the pink package, too.

valerie in TX said...

It's craziness, I tell you. And girl clothes cost more too. >:-/ And I TOTALLY get what you're saying about Walmart. They do that to me all the time! Erg!