Friday, July 01, 2011

A girl and her peanut butter.'s July...

One of the things on my May to-do list was to figure out a way to purchase some peanut butter. But only the special kind of peanut butter that Brooke loves. The kind that comes in individual .75oz. servings.

Because if it's in .75oz. servings, I know there will be at least one time a day that I don't have to say no.

Living in these days of peanut allergy awareness has made it very hard to find the special peanut butter.

During Brooke's T1 diagnosis hospital stay, the nurses brought her the special peanut butters for snacks. She fell in love and we added another free food to our favs list.

Free Food Favs List:
*breakfast sausage (the turkey variety because we don't want to add cholesterol to her issues)
*pickle pops
*cheese sticks
*peanut butter
*sugar free popsicles

One of the baseball moms that we've known all of our little league lives works for a food distributor in town and she hooked us up...bulk in 200 little individual servings of peanut butter. We just picked it up today.

Brooke is in heaven! And so am I. My days of measuring and weighing .75oz of peanut butter are over! Thanks for helping us, A!

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Amy said...

I have never seen those packs! Way cool. And, the look on Brooke's face is so adorable.

Free peanut buter = awschumness!!!

Glad you have peeps in high places who can hook a d-girl up ;)