Saturday, July 16, 2011

Missed it.

I missed posting yesterday. I just didn't get it done.

We are all home.
We all slept under the same roof last night.
We heard countless fun stories about Bubba's 2 weeks at CBH.
We had the best time over frozen yogurt.
We managed to finish planning for our Bible class next week.
We got a refresher on how to use the glucagon, but pray we won't need it.

Today we are...
Finishing up laundry.
Packing clothes.
Making a last minute Walmart trip.
Gathering the last of our teaching supplies.
Paying bills.
Helping with camp registration.


Amy said...

missing a silly post in lieu of spending time with those cute-as-abutton kiddos is a-okay in my book!

I adore fro-yo ;)

Misty said...

well i missed commententing (or reading) the day you posted, so we're even!

welcome home. :)