Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm kind of a camp nerd. I've been to pretty much every kind of camp there is. I've had pretty much every job you can have at a camp. Jenni KNOWS camp.

When we were in youth ministry we would attend at least 2 camps each summer and 3 or 4 retreats during the school year.

I started pretty early in my adult life collecting "camp supplies". A set of sheets here, a dark out-dated color towel there. It was adding up. As our family grew, I started to realize that I didn't have the space to store our house linens and our camp linens.

I also realized that I hated wondering and searching for all things camp when it was time to pack. So I created our camp box. It quickly grew into our camp boxes. Right now we are using 3 boxes.

When the boxes come down from the attic, you know camp must be right around the corner.

When we travel to camp I usually pack linens and towels in one, Bible class stuff in one, and our personal food/snacks in another.

When the boxes are in the attic in storage, I usually have two filled with linens/towels, and one filled with leftover Bible class stuff to maybe use in the future.

I have many different sizes of sheets and towels. It seems like every camp we use has a different size bed. I have several sets of twin sheets, because the day will soon come when we will have 3 campers in their own twin beds, and none sleeping in double beds with Mom and Dad.

I also have a list because then I don't have to remember. I never remember from year to year which color of sheets is which size and which flat sheet goes with which fitted sheet.

Every time we go somewhere we think, "It would be really nice to have...", so I add it to the list and we remember the next year. That's how a power strip and box fan made it in to the camp box.

We also learned the hard way to pack thumb tacks and an extra flat sheet in case your window isn't covered.

...and hand soap...The camp we attend now usually furnishes that, but you just never know.

Do you like camp? Did you attend as a camper? Worker?

What can you not live without while you're at camp?


valerie in TX said...

I've never been much of a camper. An organized camper at least - meaning, we like to camp in a tent with just our family, but not as much in a group setting. But...I did make a list like yours for my next trip to Africa. :)

Su said...

Now you're just making me sad. I haven't been to camp for so many years. :( But I always had two "if only"s that I would have taken if they had been invented yet:

1. Fan + mister. I carried a small spray bottle and a handheld, battery-operated fan around with me for the cooling convenience of my friends and I. Do you know when the stores started selling fans with a built-in mister? After I had stopped going to camp. :( And these were the days before rechargeable batteries, too, so the local convenience store got a lot of my business every summer.

2. Sunblock + bug repellent. I used to dream of the day when the pharmaceutical companies would get off their duffs and put these two magical products together. And then they did... but it turns out it is really unhealthy to have that many chemicals mixed together and applied to one's skin. Sigh...

All that to say, I'm totally jealous and I hope you have a lot of fun.

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

I loved camp as a kid! I haven't started going with my kids yet, but when we do, I'll call you for the list!

We go camping with our family and we are almost as organized for that. I just looked at our excel spreadsheet that has our meal plan/grocery list/packing list. Time to get busy!

Have fun on your trip! Love you!

Amy said...

You are an organizing queen! Very thoughtful, actually, since you go so often. Efficient, even!

Wish I was a camper, but I was a deprived child ;)

Amanda said...

Naturally growing up Greenlawn we LOVE camp! Especially being a counselor and making your pretty bed all the way down to a bathtowel so you don't have to touch your bare feet to that icky floor and alarm clocks of course. I don't remember any crazy tricks or anything guess it's been too long. You guys enjoy! I miss it so much I can't wait to have kiddos or one day secretly sneak to the camps I miss so much just to visit :)