Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer colds are the worst.

I'm posting on the old dinosaur tonight. Remember the ancient 2005 Dell that is so old I can't buy technical support for it anymore?'s still going strong. Except for that one little episode of which we do not speak, this computer has never given me a problem. Old or not, THIS computer isn't prone to viruses.

The laptop? Well, it's got a little cold right now.

Remember those people I pay to be my friends in my computer time of need? It turns out, they are only fair weather friends. They don't treat viruses. Well, they do, if you have $200 to spend...ON TOP of what you've already spent purchasing service packages.

Worst Buy and I are mad at each other right now. And I am definitely breaking up with the Geek Crew. It's just not worth the emotional's such a one sided relationship...

The only friends you can really count on in your computer time of need are the ones you don't have to pay. The ones that are your friend for free. The ones that don't get scared when your computer gets a virus.

And they don't tell you it will take 5-8 days to treat your computer. They say, "Sure! I will try my best to get it well by the time you leave for camp!"

And you know they mean it.

Because camp? Four more sleeps and we will leave for camp. Leave. Gone. For a whole week.

But before that? One more sleep and we get to see Bubba! We are going to closing campfire tomorrow night and we will bring him home Friday morning!

Then he'll have two sleeps at home and head back to camp. But I'm totally down with that because we'll be there, too, so I can see him any time I want.

How do you solve your computer problems?


The Binkley Family said...

Sorry about your computer problems. We had tremendous problems with computers and finally got a Mac. I can honestly say that was a good decision! After having three computers crash within about four years, we have been happy to lose the headaches.

Hope you get yours up and running soon. It is the pits!

Have fun at camp!

valerie in TX said...

Hey, call me if you're still broken up with Worst Buy. We know a guy. He can fix you up on the down low. :)

Su said...

Solve? There are solutions available?