Thursday, July 21, 2011

We are so doing that again.

Honey and I got a new coffee maker for our anniversary. For 13 years, we'd been using the generic, Target special, run of the mill coffee maker. We had 2 stipulations: 1) an automatic brew feature so I can set the timer to start brewing 20 minutes before I get up 2) price under $50.

The under $50 price tag was mainly because every coffee maker we've had has lasted only a couple of years before breaking in some way.

The automatic brew feature was because I'm really spoiled and like to have coffee as soon as I get up, or maybe even in bed before I get up.

A few weeks before our anniversary, our coffee maker somehow warped and the lid wasn't shutting completely. Honey pointed it out and neither of us were surprised. We were nearing the 2 year mark with that appliance.

We thought about getting one of those new-fangled, brew one cup at a time contraptions. In the end we went with a more classic 12 cup version, although we did order it online and paid a little more than our original $50 price limit hoping it will last longer than 18-24 months.

The old coffee maker still brews coffee, and when the new one came in, Honey suggested that we take the old one to camp.

And now that we've just lived through morning number 3 of camp, I can say with authority...that was the best. idea. ever. The coffee maker, coffee, filters, creamer, and truvia have earned permanent spots on our camp list.

The first morning when Honey brought me coffee in bed, I was a believer. Don't get me wrong. The coffee in the dinning hall is great. It has sustained me all of my coffee drinking camp life. They even buy the good creamer. But you have to get up. And get dressed. And do your hair. And brush your teeth. All before you get a sip of coffee.

It just ain't right.

And right now it's rest time. It's the middle of the afternoon. It started raining about lunch time and hasn't stopped. It's cool...and quiet...and did I mention it's raining? We came in and made a pot of decaf to warm us up.

Decaf, in the mountains, at camp, listening to the rain? Yes, please.


Kayla Wimberley said...

You have no idea how jealous this post just made jealous. Specifically See you guys tomorrow night!!

Laci said...

awwhhh geez, that sounds so refreshing and amazing. JEALOUS. Rest time was my favorite part of camp, even as a camper, especially when it rains during rest time, which it often does. Soak it all up and if you can figure out how to can it, bring me back some. Thanks!

Misty said...

Nostalgic slap in the face: i just realized that those rest times, when rain surprised us made for some of the BEST memories of camp. thank you for that!

Amy said...

"Yes please" is an understatement!!!! What a fabulous time you all must be having . . . and now with the comforts of your own coffee.

Next time that coffee maker takes a dive, so splurge and get the one cup makers. I have a Tassimo and LOVE having a fresh cup each and every time. Love, lOve, loVe, lovE it.

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Rain in the mountains...wonderful! I enjoyed a little fo that this week too!