Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't mind me, I 'm just skating...

I totally get that you have to crawl before you can walk, and you walk for a while before you jog, and you jog for a long time before you actually run.

I've done C25K before...I know how all of that works.

But this?

This isn't even running. It's way different than running. It's nothing like running...or walking for that matter. It's more like skating. You still use your legs to get from point A to point B, but that's where the similarities end.


Yesterday afternoon we threw everything we knew about managing Diabetes out the window and started completely over.

Well, accept for the carb still have to count carbs. But you look at carbs a bit that changed.

It's all good. And it's going to be wonderful once this overwhelmed, hyperventilating, overthinking alter ego of mine goes away.

I'm so glad I have thankful I have someone to be overwhelmed with...someone to hold the paper bag to my face...

My favorite part so far? way less math

Which is good because overwhelmed and hyperventilating isn't the best frame of mind for math. The hyperventilating doesn't do much for remembering either. After I checked Bubba out of school early to head to pump training, I totally forgot about the other two boys that I pick up. I also totally forgot to tell their moms that I couldn't pick up that day...

Brooke's favorite part so far? no more shots! She hasn't had a shot since lunch yesterday.

I just realized that her Halloween shirt says "Witch way to the candy?" Ha! It's more than a little ironic that she chose that shirt to wear to her pump class. Halloween will be much easier to navigate now.

Here she is eating her first shot-free meal. Later on, closer to bed, we went for frozen yogurt and she had 20 grams of carbs instead of 15 grams...just because she can now...

Bubba's favorite part? getting frozen yogurt before bed

Mary TuTu's favorite part? locking and unlocking the pump buttons

We chose the Medtronic Revel mainly because that's the one Brooke wanted. To be honest, I really wanted the Omnipod.

I have three children. If Bubba and Mary TuTu are Type A personalities, Brooke is very much Type B. She is the creative, artsy, go with the flow, no focus at all kid. She frequently forgets her lunch box, jacket, snacks, backpack, or all of the above. Sometimes she remembers to grab her things at home and then walks into school without them and LEAVES THEM IN THE SUBURBAN.

When she realized that there was a remote that controlled the Omnipod, and that you had to keep up with the remote at ALL times, she wanted NO part of the Omnipod. Because, GIANT RESPONSIBILITY!

She was very wise to realize that she needed something that was ATTACHED TO HER AT ALL TIMES, so that she could NEVER LOSE it. It's the reason all of her major body parts and organs are attached...she would forget them in her cubby if they weren't.

Since we made the decision about 3 weeks ago, I've lost count of the number of times she's lost/forgotten waterbottles, snack bowls, Bible class papers...and every time I say to myself, "I'm so glad we went with the Medtronic."

So far, so good. I'm working on letting go of what we did before and embracing this new way of thinking. Honestly, I think things will eventually be more like they were before diagnosis once we get the hang of it. We'll see. Obviously we're still learning.

My goals for today? eating lunch with the girls/overseeing the new lunch routine and remembering to pick up at the middle school

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Amy said...

Soooooo, opposite of my Ellie. I love how the decision was tailor made for her and that she realized it all needed to be attached!

I know what you mean about starting over but it the good kind. The kind where the learning curve is steep but the ride sown is fast and exhilirating (no shots! no 3 column math! no saying no to food because you don't want to bolus! the ability to have multiple basal rates!) Wwwhhheeeeeeeee! It does reach the point of being fun as long as you get past the 'oh know . .. I am going to puke - stage because a machine is attached to my daughter. Truly, it is a fun ride now that we are 2+ months in.

Great analogy of skating, my friend. Don't forgot to put on your safety gear and then enjoy the ride!!!!!