Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yes, I did turn down $100...

At the Chicago airport waiting for our flight home, we saw Dennis Rodman. He looked kind of normal though. Normal for Dennis...he wasn't wearing a dress. But, he was carrying a purse. Not a man-bag. It was a purse...a gray, feather-y, hobo bag.

There were storms moving through Chicago about the time our flight was scheduled to leave so we sat on the plane for over an hour waiting for them to pass. About 5 minutes in to our wait, the stewardess came on the speakers and asked if anyone knew how to make those embroidery floss friendship bracelets. I looked up from my book long enough to remember making them in Jr. High and how long it'd been since I had actually spent any time in Jr. High.

No one really responded to the friendship bracelet cry for help. All of a sudden this lady about 3 rows in front of me held up a $100 bill, and the stewardess said, "You're willing to pay someone a hundred dollars to teach you to make a friendship bracelet?"

That's when Honey elbowed me in the ribs and started humming "Friends Are Friends Forever" to help me get in touch with my Jr. High self and remember how to braid those dang bracelets.

But I was too late, the memories too foggy. A college girl raised her hand and offered help. The new friends rearranged seats so that they were sitting together. They chatted and made bracelets for the rest of the flight, and although I never saw money change hands, I assume the college girl got her $100.

As soon as we got home, I sure did go to Barnes and Noble and buy Mary TuTu a book/kit to teach her how to make a bracelet. I'm going to be ready the next time someone offers money for a braiding lesson.



Su said...

I keep intending to re-learn. I haven't made them since I was an aim student.

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

That is funny!

Amy said...

oh my, I would have totally made something up just to have that hot little mallard in my pocket!

Misty said...

wow... that's a little nuts. Talk about desperate. Gotta wonder what the story is there. :)

honestly I am floored that they allowed the seat swapping at all.

valerie in TX said...

Hahaha - that cracks me up! I remember how WE made them back in high school (ahem, yes, I was in high school when you were in jr. high) but I've noticed it's not the same way kids are making them now. Wonder if the lady on the plane would have noticed? ;)