Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here and there...and some pictures to jog my memory...

Honey is home sick today. It's probably the flu. I am attempting to keep all the other people that live in this house away from him.  And I'm doing a lot of disinfecting.
It's Spring in West Texas, so the wind is blowing 60 mph and the sky is brown...for the second day this week.

For the sake of future generations, I'm posting some pictures from my phone here before they are deleted and lost forever.

You're welcome.

We pack lunches almost every day, not really for the sake of saving money, but mainly because I feel like it's a bit healthier.  It's also easier on the carb counting for Brooke. 

At some point last month, I realized that sending frozen chicken nuggets and processed lunch meat EVERY SINGLE DAY, probably isn't all that much healthier than some of the school lunches.  So Honey and I came up with a plan.

Once a week the kids can have their frozen chicken product of choice, and one other time during the week they can have their Lunchable.  On all the other days, we're using leftover dinner meat for wraps and sandwiches, and I'm making Baked Spaghetti and freezing it in individual servings for an easy throw it in the microwave day. 

So far the natives like the changes and variety.  We'll see if it lasts.

The girls recently celebrated the 100th Day of School.  I made shirts for them to wear that said, "100 Days Smarter".  I totally lifted the idea from a friend on Facebook.

It's been a LONG, almost year long process, but the home warranty company finally fixed the crack in our floor.  I had to give up the stained concrete because the fixed crack wouldn't have stained very pretty, so they put wood floors in instead.  We just have a few cosmetic repairs left and the house will be as good as new!

Bubba is becoming quite the little choir member.  He and a few of his friends sang in our region's Solo and Ensemble contest and earned a 1!  (For those who don't speak solo and ensemble, that's the best score you can earn.)

The aftermath of spending a night with Diabetes...thankfully Brooke was able to sleep through most of it.  At one point, after slamming down a juice box like the pro that she is, she tried to suck on a peanut butter cracker.  I had to wake her enough to get her to understand that she had to chew the cracker, not suck on it. 

Every once in a while, after she's finished a juice box in her sleep, she puckers her lips like she used to as a new born.  It makes the night time juice feedings worth loosing a little sleep. 

The halls at church in the children's wing are painted with Bible story murals.  I think it looks like this little guy is holding an iPad :)

Last weekend we went to the Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast.  (That would be Mary TuTu chowing down on her pancakes.) Around here, the Lion's Club helps send kids to Diabetes Camp each summer.  We've gone for several years now, but this is the first year that we've known about the donations to Dcamp.  It's a win/win for us...eating tasty pancakes while donating money to such a giving organization.  

Also last weekend, we filled a row at church with the 2nd graders.  I love these girls and love even more that they have each other as they grow their faith.

A few weeks ago I entered a give away for this print.  I fell in love with the words first, and then the colors.  I didn't win, but we really needed this one for our laundry room.  It's hanging right by the door so every time we leave the house we see it.

I found this in Mary TuTu's school folder. 

"Dear Dad, I am so sorry someone broken to your car.  I LOVE you!  Love, Mary TuTu" 

Isn't that sweet?!  The second graders have been learning about the correct form and punctuation of letter writing...which totally explains why there are about 60 pretend birthday party invitations and thank you notes floating around the house.


Misty said...

Great shots... :) Except the Diabetes aftermath one. Wish you could skip that...
Not surprised about the ipad. We got Lucas one, while he was home, and they're so great I was SURE God created them in the beginning. Your little guy is proof!

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Love your new floor. It looks way different though. Do you like it?

Yea, Bubba! You and the choir dudes rock! (I speak choir and ensemble too!)

I love that picture! Great place to hang it. We all need that reminder as we head out in to the world!

Sweet letter. SweetDoll's teacher gave us one that she didn't want to get lost in a folder or backpack somewhere (I guess she has seen her backpack!) It was a journal entry that asked if you could interview anyone who would it be. SweetDoll said her dad because he is her role model. These girls and their Daddies! We are blessed with good men!

Hang in there with the diabetes stuff. You are doing good!
Love you!

Amy said...

Nice job on the shirts, Mama! Very cute and unique.

I adore concrete floors . . . I was hoping for a 'before' photo to see what they looked like!

That print is right up my design and aestetic alley. Very cute and artsy.

Hand written notes from the kiddos are certainly the best .. aren't they? I wish I could save them all but then I would have to save everything and then I would be a hoarder. Nope. Can not do. :)

valerie in TX said...

I entered the giveaway for that print too and I was about to be really jealous that you won! ;)