Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Friday

Sharing some happy thoughts about my week:

1.  Moisture  Our West Texas town got about 2 inches of snow Sunday.  By 6 am Monday morning it was declared a SNOW DAY from school.  By noon on Monday, it was 60 degrees and sunny, but the snow melted into our dry ground.  And now, right now, it's raining!  Yay!  We need all the wet we can get.

2.  Date  My parents called and volunteered to watch the kids Valentines night so Honey and I could go on a date. Yay!  We take date nights every once in a while, but we hadn't had one in for-evah.  I was starting to feel the absence, so thanks Mom and Dad!

3.  Edward  Honey got me a "You've been a mom 12 years!" gift...Breaking Dawn Part 1 on DVD.  We made the kids watch a movie in another room and sat down to watch it this week.  I hadn't seen it yet.  Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book, so I wasn't in a rush.  It was OK.  Honestly, I can live the rest of my life and not watch the pregnancy half of the movie again, but I did love the wedding/honeymoon half.  I think I'll watch it again while I pay bills today.

Happy Friday!

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Diapeepees said...

When I used to live in DC, I used to be amazed when they would call it a snow day...nothing like a Midwest snow day...and date nights...they're the best...thanks for playing!

Su said...

My favourite is still the year when they cancelled school based on a forecast, before a single flake had fallen!