Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just popping on here to say that the world lost a wonderful, Godly man last night. My heart is aching for his precious family, and for our church family.

He taught my kids in Bible class a lot (most recently, the girls) and they are feeling his loss this morning.

He and his wife spent the last few summers cooking for us at camp. I will miss our visits on the porch during the (too few) breaks the cooks are able to take.

I just needed someone to hear me say... THIS IS NOT OK WITH ME!

OK...I feel a bit more pulled together.

We have a bit of a distraction this morning...Honey's car was broken in to last night. We have to go take inventory of what is left. Yes, I said inventory...remember, Honey sells stuff. And we have to chase credit card and debit transactions...

Please pray for our friends this morning as they live this first day without their husband/father. Thanks.


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Chrissy Cross said...

Thank you for this, I have been struggling with this as well. My heart is so sad for Paula and Kayla.