Wednesday, March 14, 2012

InstaSpringBreak Day 5

Today we went back home and visited my Mema and Popa.  Partly because it had been too long since we'd gone for a visit, partly because it was Spring Break and we needed SOME kind of road trip (no matter how small), but mostly because we wanted to see Mema before tomorrow.

Tomorrow, she's going to have knee replacement surgery.  Today, we introduced her to Bubba's Beats and Honey's iPhone.  In this picture she was watching the video of Bubba's Christmas concert.

She's the coolest Mema ever.

It was also Uncle Bubba's birthday.  We met at the Dairy Queen (Mema's choice) for lunch and then had homemade chocolate cake for dessert.  Uncle Bubba likes it when the cake falls in the middle, making it more the consistency of a brownie instead of cake.  So, when Mom makes his cakes, she slams the oven door about halfway through the baking process.  It makes your heart skip a beat if you're not expecting it, but that's the way Uncle Bubba rolls.

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