Thursday, March 15, 2012

InstaSpringBreak Day 6

Mema's surgery went well.  The doctor said that her skinny knee was much easier to work on than the fat ones.

Good to know.

The weather this week has been beautiful.  It's the kind of weather that makes you take back all the bad things you've ever said about the weather.

The girls have been showing how grown up they are by walking around the corner and playing at the park.  They have to walk home and check in at certain times.  They think they are so big.

We made it back home and spent some time watching the March Madness.

Some of my March Madness observations:

1. The neon version of your school colors are not my favorite.

2.  Really?  A #16 seed has NEVER beaten a #1 seed?  NEVER?

3.  Someone in Kentucky needs to help a brother out and let that really good player know that he has a little problem called a uni brow.

4.  I am very glad we are back to calling it March Madness.  "The Road to the Final Four" wasn't doing it for me.

5.  Next year one of the sites for the second and third round is Austin.  We are SO going.  It's on the calendar.


jenifer said...
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Amy said...

So sweet seeing those sisters walk along together . . . wonder what they say in moments no one else is listening? When they were toddlers, did they ever have 'twin speak'?