Friday, April 27, 2012

Good Friday!

It's Friday and it's time to celebrate...the good things, the fun times, the weekend...

I'm participating with Diapeepees and the Good Friday gang!

Some things about the week at the Hairdryer House that were good:

1. I subbed in 5th grade math.  Which is a borderline comfort zone problem for me.  I got fired from helping with Math homework sometime during Bubba's 5th grade year.  The instructions for the day were to review for and administer a "measurement" test.

OK, I got this.  I measure, weigh, and convert every day.  Measurement I can do.

Then I looked at the review and saw some formulas and some equations and some missing numbers represented by letters.  And I began to need some fresh air.  Because, y'all,  P = (2xl) + (2xh) .  That's what they are calling "measurement" now.

Well I have some advice for you 5th grade math curriculum writers...Algebra by any other name is still Algebra.

What's the good thing in all of this, you ask? I think I got the right answer?

2.  Brooke came home Tuesday with a Science project that was due Thursday.  I'm sure there was a note sent home earlier, but Brooke isn't a note bringing home kind of person.

She had to invent an insect, complete a shoebox habitat  for the insect, and write a paragraph telling about the insect.  Tuesday night she invented the insect, wrote the paragraph, and told me what the habitat would look like.  Wednesday afternoon Brooke, Honey, and I created the insect and habitat.

This is Swimmy Crawl.  She is camouflaged to match the water to protect her when she hunts for shrimp to eat.  She lives on land and in water, swimming and crawling wherever she goes. (Hence the name Swimmy Crawl.) 

And there was no way on earth we were turning the project in without a waterfall.  Because apparently shrimp live in the bottom of waterfalls.  The fishing guys in Alaska have it all wrong.

3.  Bubba survived his week of standardized tests.

4.  We're checking Mary TuTu out of school in a few minutes and taking her to lunch.  All by herself.  Her choice.  I love getting to spend time with my kids one on one.

5.  Downton Abbey Season 1 recently became available on Redbox.  That, y'all, was what I'd been waiting for.  I'd been holding off on watching because I didn't want to stream it online and I didn't really want to drive all the way across town to rent it from the video store.  It costs $6 to rent stuff there. 

But then I got an email from the Redbox and I knew it was my destiny to meet the Downton crew.  Two days and less than three American dollars later, I now know the genius that is Downton Abbey.

Redbox doesn't have Season 2 yet.  But now, NOW that I know how good it is, it's totally worth the $6 and a trip across town.


Amy@Diapeepees said...

We are such a bug family, so I totally love swimmy crawl...and I also love Downton Abbey. Bugs and Culture. That about sums me up.

Keith R. said...

I thought the math problem was 2x1 not 2xL, I was having issues with 2x1 +2x4 being equal to 26. But I see that you were solving for L.

Amy said...

Oh Em Gee . . . . I adore Downton Abbey. I feel so sophisticated when I watch it ;)

Misty said...

Well... nearly a week later, here I am... (but happy birthday!!!) anyway, we got to rent DA season 2 for $1. It was glorious... it's sooo good!!!