Monday, January 21, 2013

A good time for chocolate

I'm not a huge Obama fan.  But, I am a fan of America.  And, I'm a huge fan of God.  So, I pray for Mr. Obama.

(Honestly, I pray for Mr. Obama's safety alot.  Because I dislike Joe Biden even more than Mr. Obama.)

And since the kids are out of school today, we watched part of the inauguration.  Actually, we watched everyone file in, listened to the Invocation that was not quite a prayer, heard a couple of the songs, and watched the two men be sworn in.  Then when the speeches started, we changed the channel.  Again, it's a school holiday, so you can bet we changed it to Disney channel.

We are having Taco Soup for supper tonight.  And every Mexican food loving person knows that chocolate goes best with Mexican.

That got me to thinking about November 2008 when Mr. Obama was first elected.  I posted a chocolate pie recipe then.  I think I'll repost it now.  I'm feeling about like I felt the day after that election in 2008.

This is what we'll be having for dessert tonight:

Chocolate Pie

1 Oreo cookie pie crust
8 oz. Cool Whip Free
1 cup skim milk
1 sm package ff, sf chocolate pudding mix

In a large bowl, combine milk and pudding mix. Add Cool Whip and mix well. Pour contents into pie crust and chill 2-3 hours. Serve cold and enjoy.

Serves: 8

Happy Monday!


Misty said...

I skipped it all, I'm sad to say. Or not sad. Oh I don't know. Wouldn't skip the chocolate though, that's for sure
I hate word verification. i have no typed it 6 times and it's still not right. Argh!

The Binkley Family said...

So feeling you! Was not a happy day here either! Chocolate therapy all the way!!! :)