Tuesday, April 09, 2013


...I drank a cup of my morning coffee without any added sweetener.  I added my favorite Vanilla Coffee Mate, which I suppose counts as added sweetener, but none of my old friends sugar, splenda, truvia, equal, or sweet n low were added.  I'm not sure why.  It's not that we were out. It wasn't an accident. I just didn't stir it in.  I'm not worried, it's probably just a phase.

...I baked a pan of Grands cinnamon rolls.  After Honey and the kids left for the day.  Because they sounded good. And because I can.  Did you know that the oven still works even when the kids are at school?

...I admit it's been quiet around the blog lately.  You know when you were little and your mom told you that "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything"?  Right now, life is telling me something similar to that.  Today there are parts of my life that just aren't internet appropriate.  Some day they will be, but today they are not.  Instead of writing around them I've chosen not to write anything at all.  And that's OK.

...I really want to take a trip to Disneyland.  Because you can do Disneyland in a couple of days, and that's all I want...just a couple of days. Enough time to see all my favorites, watch the fireworks, and post a few pictures on Instagram.  You know when you crave comfort food?  I'm craving a comfort place, and Disney is one of those places.  I don't necessarily want to take the kids, but I know that I would miss them if I went without them.  And they would KILL me if I went to Disney without them.  Honey?  He couldn't care less about Disney.  I'm pretty sure if I asked him to take me to Disneyland, he'd say, "Isn't there a girlfriend that could go with you instead?"

...I am making this for supper.  We usually grill pork chops.  And by we, I mean Honey.  I don't grill.  I don't even know how to turn on the grill.  But Honey is swamped this week and I'm trying to cook out of the freezer, so crock pot pork chops it is.

...What's going on with you today?


Misty said...

I too don't know how to turn the grill on. My friend is recently divorced and she went and bought this genius little electric grill. She said "I am embarrassed." But no, it's exactly what I would do if my husband were no longer around and I just had to have a grilled piece of chicken.
You're "today" posts are brilliant... Someday I may copy you because I am unoriginal like that.

And yes, exactly, re: things we can't say. I get this. Oh how I get this. And I've not regretted the silence yet.
I have never been to Disney. I imagine it just as you said though. My comfort vacation is the beach. And New York City. And Tennessee... I think Europe would be too.

Brandy said...

....my car is in the shop for the second time in a week. They missed the a/c that was about to go out. The noise we originally took it in for. It was nice of them to tell us they weren't going to charge us for labor again.
...I got the sad news that my son's Kindergarten teacher has cancer. The tumor they removed from her back yesterday was cancerous and they didn't get it all.
....I haven't been to the grocery store for the week. I think we are going to get burgers because I can't bring myself to add the stress of rushing to the store to my day right now.
....is the day before my birthday. My mom came today because she is babysitting tomorrow when we get to go see Bon Jovi!

Jennifer B said...


I am wondering why I ever thought grad school was a good idea! LOL

I am enjoying the rain, but not the cold.

I am sipping hot tea to make everything feel better...

Glad you are still blogging--I am awful at it lately!

Anonymous said...

I am ready for the weekend. My tail is dragging. Baseball practice practice x 3 tonight and then games all weekend long. I think supper at my house will be hot dogs on the grill if it warms up outside. Hot Dogs are a favorite among 3 boys. Thanks for the update :-)