Monday, May 06, 2013

The one where I empty my brain of all the randomness

- I turned 38 last week.  And today?  I'm craving turkey and cheese on a sandwich thin for lunch instead of bean and cheese nachos from Rosa's.  It's like I don't even know myself anymore.

-Thirty eight has also declared war on my complexion.  Seriously.  Puberty wasn't this bad.

-I've had it up to here with Iron Man, Pawn Stars, Grease Monkey, Auction Hunters, and NBA Playoffs.  Last night I needed some girl TV, so I holed up in my room and watched some Downton Abbey.  The Christmas special from season 2 is my favorite episode.

-I'm 90 miles away from reaching 1000 on the spin bike.  I'll for sure make it by May 20.  I hope the t-shirts are cute.

-It's finally strawberry and avocado season again.  I love avocados...they make me want to LICK THE BOWL CLEAN.
-And...I miss these.

There is no reason they should be a seasonal product.

-I helped chaperon Bubba's choir trip this weekend.  We were gone 27 hours and 12 of those were spent on a charter bus.  But a happy mistake made it to where Bubba and I had to sit next to each other on the way to the music festival.  I loved the 6 hours we had to whisper, laugh, nap, and watch the sun rise together.  I probably won't ever get to do that again.  Good times.

-Only 18 more days of packing lunches.  Can I get an AMEN?!

-May is crazy busy this year.  Is the end of school kicking anyone else's tail?


Rainydayinmay said...

Why are they seasonal? Pretzels and chocolate are all year!!! BUT strawberries and avocados are wonderful!

Precious 6 hour gift! This warmed my heart!

Su Wilcox said...

All this time I've suspected we were very very close in age, and now I know it for sure! ;)

I've been pleasantly surprised by my body this birthday season. The last five years I've gotten some sort of unpleasant "you're too old for that!"-type reaction from getting another year older, like my sudden aversion to salt when I turned 30. Still haven't recovered from that one...

... but it's possible all this end-of-semester caffeine that I'm pumping into my body is masking whatever 35 is plotting for me. I'll find out next week after I turn in my final paper and switch back to decaf.

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

I'm so glad you had a good choir trip. This week I subbed as the coach who does lunch duty. He used to sit at the table where my son sits. B asked me which was my favorite group to do lunch duty for. I told him, "This one because I get to sit with you. If I came as a mom you wouldn't hardly say hi." We'll take those moments with our boys, won't we! ...I'm so impressed and proud of you for reaching your spin goal! Those last few miles, just imagine me at the finish line cheering you on! ...May kickin' my tail? Not just yes. HECK YES! I have a whole new story to tell you about the life lesson of your current season. It has been a very long week--and it is just Wednesday. I'll have to call you next week. :)