Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I know it's not Throwback Thursday, but today Bubba turns 14.  He still has the same sweet face, dark eyes, and quick smile.  He likes to remind me, almost hourly, that he's taller than me, even when I wear heels. 

He also likes to remind me that he will be starting high school in a few months.  I can't even...

He desperately needs a haircut.  He's always singing.  He's always having fun.  Last night, he helped us with the 4th grade math homework. 

He wants a double decker pizza from Papa Murphy's for supper tonight.  Well, of course, he is fourteen.

He's finding his way in this new place and is doing it with grace and perseverance.

Happy birthday, Bubba.  We couldn't love you more.

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Anonymous said...

My Gen is always singing too... Sometimes i LOVE it. Sometimes it drives me nuts. Sometimes I take mental notes so when she decides to reflect back on her evil childhood I can remind her about how she thought she was Snow White.

CUTE post!