Thursday, March 05, 2015


We started redecorating and moving the beginning of October.  We worked straight through Thanksgiving. 

And then I said stop. 

Let's take a break. 

Let's enjoy December and Christmas and snow and the sports break in our new house.

So we did.  Work ceased.  Unpacking was put on hold.  Honey felt free to spend some time cleaning and organizing the shop because it's a little harder for him to just "stop" cold turkey.  We did little things here and there, but not a lot.

The break was good.  It gave my brain time to catch up with everything we'd done so far.  I was able to nest, clean, put away, organize, move furniture.  I felt free to just putter around and envision and dwell. 

I put some stuff on the walls.

And now it's March and "the work" hasn't really started up again.  But, I've started thinking about it.  I've made some decisions and started to get some direction.  Mary Tutu and I FINALLY agreed on a color for her room.  I have an idea of what I want to do with the master bedroom.  The rooms where I felt stuck are feeling more unstuck.

I'm spending today tying up a loose my brain can feel free to move on to something else.

Remember the sun room?

If you stand there between the chair and the couch and turn around, you see this.

Right outside the sliding doors on the right is the hot tub.  I plan to train everyone to enter and exit the hot tub through those doors.  I also plan to train everyone to use the beach towels for the hot tub and not my good bath towels.  We'll see.

It didn't take long to realize that one of the things we needed to address was having places to hang wet stuff, especially when there are more than 5 people in the house.  I feel like the wall of hooks will solve this problem for swim suits and hot tub towels.  It's sort of like a pool house in wall form.

Just to the right of the sliding doors is this:

And that is the picture of the loose end I mentioned before.  It's the pile of stuff that was abandoned when I said stop back in November.  Today I'm cleaning, sorting, and dealing with that pile.  It will be done today. 

And when I'm done, I'll probably take a picture and post it on Instagram.  Because that's what you do when you accomplish a goal, right?


Su Wilcox said...

It was a pile just like that in my room that prompted my grandmother to ask my sister if my room was always that messy. The cheek! I know for a fact my grandmother has many piles like that, but hers just happen to be hidden in closets. :)

Show that pile who's boss!

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the picture (or the importance of it) because I missed the post? AGH! I must know... How's the pile? How's the motivation? How's the planning?