Friday, March 06, 2015

The Loft

The girls' rooms and bathroom are upstairs.  There's also a secondary living area we call the loft.

A couple of pictures from before:

 Hello Mr Elk.

The sellers wanted to leave the armoir and the gigantic, heavy, ancient big screen TV.  You know the TV I'm talking about...the first generation big screen that is as thick as it is wide...circa 1995-ish?  It still works, and is perfect for Xbox, Disney Channel, and High School Musical videos, so we said OK, leave it.

One girl bedroom at the end. 

Another girl bedroom and a bathroom just to the right of the stairs.

When the painters we hired to paint for 2 days had everything done in 1 day, we had them do the stairwell and loft.  Best.

Then we moved all of our leftovers up there.  Why get new matchy-matchy stuff when it will mostly host crazy, giggly slumber parties and loud, bounding wrestling matches?

Honey's dad came for Thanksgiving. He likes projects when he comes to visit.  He's not one to sit and stare out the window.  I'm not one to let a project volunteer sit idle.  I sure did line up a project.  He and Honey and Bubba spent Black Friday putting up the barn wood wall.

So now the loft looks like this:

The girls had lots of fun peeling off the animal stickers that were "just too boyish, Mom."  I've had the green/white striped chair and ottoman since college.  The brown paisley chair used to be in our living room.

There's a floor plug near the stair railing.  I think it's the perfect space for a Ms. Pacman table top game.  We had one when I was growing up.  Some day.

As it turns out, the wall with the barn wood is very long.  Very. Like 28 feet long.  My first idea was to cover it with pallet wood.  Honey freaked, because, well, that is a lot of pallet wood.  

Last spring while we were visiting Honey's parents, we came across some wood on their property left over from their barn built 34 years ago.  We were able to bring most of that home and about half of the wall is covered with that.  

Honey also found some old fencing on the property at work and was able to salvage that.  We ended up buying a few more pieces to have enough to cover the wall.

We cleaned it, but I didn't want it cut any more than we had to.  I love that it doesn't fit together perfectly and that there are gaps and notches.

Honey and his dad put their family's brand on a piece of the wood.  How fun is that?!  I'm so glad we didn't use pallet wood.  I love the sentimental value of the wall and how it was pieced together with love.

Now that I have my wall, I have to figure out how to style it.  What do you hang on a barn wood wall?  suggestions?


Su Wilcox said...

Well. Now I definitely have to come visit.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this bonus room! It's fabulous! It's so great that the kids have a place, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that wall... I keep trying to find somewhere in our house for a reclaimed wood wall but I just don't think it's going to happen, tragically!