Friday, March 24, 2006

New Game

I'm starting a new little game. You are welcome to play along. I'm calling the game "Phrase of the Day". To play "Phrase of the Day", I will leave a quote of an actual phrase that was said to me today. You, the player, will use your imagination to guess what the phrase is referring to. It sounds like fun to me. Don't worry about assuming and inferring. At my house, it usually is as bad as you imagine. So, here is round number 1. . .

"I got Mary Kay on me!"

Since it is the first round, I will give you 3 hints:

1. two-year-olds

2. lipstick

3. My mom is a consultant for Mary Kay and has educated my children in the ways of the eternally beautiful.

Good Luck!


SJ said...

That's too cute! I can just imagine what two little 2 year olds were doing to say that! I hope Bubba wasnt involved! LOL! Poor little man!

Hmmmmm...this game sounds very familiar, though...

"She wasn't wearing a bra?!"

Yes...that phrase hits my brain now and then and I have to giggle.

Tracy said...

Hi Jen,
I tried emailing you but it came back from the postmaster. I guess I didn't do something right.
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I would love to keep in touch. Just got back from the Tulsa Workshop...It was great.

Laci said...

oooh ooh! I wanna guess,
Your Mom put lipstick on Brooke and Mary Tu Tu! Haha how fun!
Oh yea.. and I'm so up for the the summer plans you laid before me!
MIss you.

Laci said...

okay so can I hear the story behind the bra comment sometime.. cus that sounds fun. Or is that one of your club secrets!?