Friday, June 29, 2007

If you read it in the blogsphere, it has to be true

My mom swears up and down that I was potty trained by the time I was one. I believed her until my first child turned one, and I realized that even my son, the most brilliant one year old in the world, who, by the way, gets his dashing looks from his daddy and his intelligence from his momma, had no idea that toilets had another use besides lifting the lid and playing in the water.

It was at that point that I began to question the sanity of my mother. Or at least her memory. But, then she got my Mema to back up her story, and so who can argue with the memories of both Momma and Mema?

So, I wanted to write about Brooke's latest accomplishments. You know for posterity. That way, when I am older and my memory isn't as sharp as it is now, and I begin to tell stories about when my children were younger, there will be proof that it actually happened. Exactly the way I said it. I'm even going to post pictures so that no one can accuse me of exaggerating.

Brooke has the spiritual gift of Wii bowling. If ever there is a Wii bowling competition for money, we will be there. Over the last couple of weeks she has beaten us all, much to the emabrassment of her 7 year old brother. Honey and I just sit back and laugh in amazement.

A few weeks ago she beat her sister. Which isn't all that amazing, since they are both 3.

But, just a couple of days ago, this was the score. I promised I wouldn't mention the name of the player she beat, dragged around, and wiped the floor with.

If you'll notice on the score card, she rolled 5 strikes. No one in our house has ever done that, in real bowling or in Wii bowling.

This is her taunting us.

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Laci said...

hahah that's awesome! Maybe she'll grow to do something involving a lot of hand-eye coordination!