Thursday, July 05, 2007

Buyer Beware

This morning, as I was doing the blog thang for the first time in a couple of days, I happened upon an entry that really caught my attention. This mom of triplets has been having some appliance issues. Well, I've been following her story for a couple of months and "some" is a gross understatement. I was frustrated enough to follow her link to another woman's story. She chronicles her whole KitchenAid debacle on her site.

I guess the reason I posted the links was to say that after hearing these stories, I don't plan on buying the KitchenAid/Whirlpool brand of products, ever. I also thought that had these things happened to me? And I'd posted about them on my blog? I would want every reader to link back to my story so that the whole entire world would know and avoid the trouble the brand had caused me.

So consider yourself warned!

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