Thursday, July 05, 2007

Let Freedom Ring! Right after I catch up on my sleep

We had a great, relaxing 4th of July. Have I mentioned that we've placed membership at a different congregation here in town? Several months ago when we decided to look around, we began visiting the church that houses the preschool where I work. Honey's brother also works there as the Church Life minister. (At least I'm pretty sure that's his title.) Anyways, we visited some other places, but finally felt like this was the place for us. So, yesterday we went to the new church to have a lunch cookout with our Bible class. The attendance was small, but I like it that way when I am trying to get to know people. We had a great time getting to know 10 or so couples and their children a little bit better.

Then last night we cooked out with my parents, giving Brooke another victim in Wii bowling. She beat Gran by 3 pts. I must say, Gran really held her own with our little protege, rolling 5 strikes in a row to even come that close!

After dinner we went to see the fireworks at our local high school football stadium. The event was advertised to begin at "dark", so we got there a little before 9pm thinking that we would only have to wait 20 mins or so. Well, over an hour later, at about 10:10, when it was REALLY GOOD AND DARK, the fireworks finally began. The show was pretty, but I think the kids had more fun playing with their glow in the dark accessories.

Dealing with the traffic was a little crazy, so we didn't get home and the kids in bed until 11pm. When the alarm went off this morning at 6, I was questioning just how great the show had been. Worth loosing sleep over? I'm inclined to say no. Although I don't deem many things worth loosing sleep over.

Thank you to all our current military and our vetrans for deeming our freedom worth loosing sleep over!

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Lisa said...

Glad you all had a nice holiday. Why in the world were you getting up at 6 the day after a late night?? I tagged you on my blog......take a look.

Also glad to hear you have found a new home that you enjoy for worship and fellowship.