Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Loose ends

Can you tell that I'm suffering from bloggy blank-ness? I haven't posted very frequently, and when I do get around to posting, it's a list. So, as not to disappoint, here is another list. In bullet form.

  • Today is my father-in-law's birthday! I got my hair cut today in your honor. (Not really, it was just a happy coincidence that my standing every 5 weeks appointment fell on the same day.)
  • My dad is recovering nicely from his surgery. On post-op day 3, he decided that he felt better than he did the day before he had the surgery. This tells me that having a gall bladder attack is more painful than just about anything I can imagine. I could relate though. About 3 days after my c-section, I felt better than I did the day before the twins were born.
  • As a follow up from my last post, I don't know how the lady at the hospital is doing. We left to see Dad before the family got any final news. When we left the doctors were "under the impression" (their words) that she was rejecting her kidney.
  • I took the plunge and signed up to become an actual working member of our chapter of the PTA. As opposed to a non-working member that just signs up to take advantage of the discounts on the back of the member's card. This means that on Friday mornings, from now until they fire me, I will be at the school sorting candy, counting money, and various and assundry other things they are successful at guilting me in to doing.
  • I love my Monk & Neagle CD! It makes me smile to hear Mary TuTu singing "Hal-le-lu-la Jesus" all day.
  • Brooke is growing up. The last few days, her speech has changed. What was once a cute little mispronounced "r", as in . . . "Mom, we want to wide our bikes" , and . . . "Huwee, Sister! We have to go!", is now a sweet little Irish sounding "r". It kinda' rolls off of her tongue, and I make her repeat the words over and over until she rolls her eyes and stomps off. You probably have to hear it to fully appreciate it.
  • I've added another button to my side bar. It's a fundraiser in a backwards sort of way. Click on the pink ribbon button, and it will take you to a site promoting mammograms. All you have to do is click on the giant pink button at the top of the mammogram page. For every click, sponsor companies make donations to help women afford mammograms. It's pretty easy and it's free for you! Click every day if you like!
  • The inspiration behind the pink ribbon button is Bubba's second grade teacher. I have known of her since Bubba was in Kindergarten and knew that she would be one of the teachers I requested when we got to 2nd grade. We were granted our wish and Bubba was enrolled in her class this summer. Mrs. P goes to our new church and I was looking forward to getting to know her better since we would see her at church and school. During the summer, Mrs. P was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had to miss the first couple of weeks of school, but has recently started working again a few days a week. She is doing great and we are praying that her body stays strong while the cancer dies. We are also praying that this semester is the only round of chemo she will have to take. I have been hesitant to share this story on the blog for a couple of reasons. Mostly because it's not my story to tell, it's hers, and I want to respect her and her privacy. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that if you know Mrs. P, you know all about this already. And if you don't know Mrs. P, now you know that she is a special person to our family and that she needs prayers for healing and strength.


javamamma said...

I love 'bullet form' posts...true to my organizational personality. Have a good week!

The Binkley Family said...

Thanks for putting the breast cancer link on your blog. I have a number of family members who have suffered from it, and I was actually tested for the gene over the summer. (Thankfully, I do not have it!)

Misty said...

yes, thank you for putting the breast cancer button on your blog. I have been going about trying to find one but can't... (i am a bit illiterate with this sort of stuff any way.) if you can help, that would be super!

Cindy said...

Glad your dad is doing ok! I love reading your updates. :)

I clicked. And prayed for Mrs.P.

Hope you have a wonderful day, friend!

elena jane said...

congrats and good luck with the pta! glad to read that dad is doing better, i also clicked and am gonna put a link on my blog too. prayers for mrs p.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

OK - I have had bloggy blankness, too!

It's finally over...

I tagged you on my blog! Would love for you to play!

Glad to hear the surgery went well for Jerrod!