Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's a Choice

Last Tuesday we began spending much of our free time at the baseball fields. Bubba started his 3rd season as a Riverdog. This is our last year of machine pitch division. Next year the kids will pitch to each other.

Back here in machine pitch, which is really an extended version of coach pitch, things are still pretty lax. Most of the kids are still trying to figure out what is going on, and most of the time, most of the parents are positive and encouraging. Unless their team is losing, or there is a chance that their team might loose. If that's the case, you never know how the parents will be doing. In some ways this is the last year of innocence. Next year, the blood will start to flow. Things will get competitive. The stakes will be higher. We'll enter the world of kid pitch.

Saturday afternoon, during a particularly close game, our team buckled down in the last inning and scored 4 runs to win the game. As I was sitting through the last few nail-biting moments I had a revolution a revelation. (That one was for you Shelly.) I probably have a lifetime of close games to live through. There are many times ahead of me to sit and just by the sure will power of positive mom thinking I will try to make my child perform well. That by calling on the deep hopefullness that every sports mom possesses my child might be the one to save the game. (Or at least not screw it up so the next person can win it.)

And it hit me. I am at the sweet beginning of my sports mom journey. I have many years ahead of me. And if I blink, they'll be gone. Before I know it I'll be missing the numbing sensation in my rear that can only come from sitting on bleachers for way too long.

So I made a decision. I'm going to embrace little league. I'm going to smile and cheer and watch every single play with enthusiasm. I'm going to consciously go through my sports mom life making memories. Taking mental pictures of my favorite moments. I'm choosing to love the activities that make my kids smile. It is a choice. And I'm choosing to savor every moment.


javamamma said...

Enjoy the multitude of sporting events you will be attending and relishing over the next years, you proud mamma!

Shelly said...

Thanks! I smiled! Actually, I thought about that the just the other day! And sometimes we do have revolutionary revelations!

I am right there with you on the bleachers, Sister! Tomorrow is our first game of the season. This is probably our last year for just one in sports--next year's schedule scares me already!

No word yet if we will be switching teams. I'll let you know.

Misty said...

good for you! My Gen is only interested in Soccer, and sadly with Idaho being so different than Michigan, we missed Spring Soccer registration! :( Even so, I love being a sports mom!

Becoming Me said...

Good for you! What a great blog you have here. I'm so glad I found it and I put you in my feeder so I can come back. I love your blog design and your honest and fun writing style.

Cheri said...

I get to begin my "sports mom" era later this month. I'm nervous - I don't like the competitiveness of it all. But, it will be good and I plan on enjoying (nearly) every moment of it.
By the way, Larissa raves about your blog, so I have been checking it out for some time. I really enjoy it!