Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trip stuff

We've been back from our trip for a few days and, for the most part, we've settled in to a summer routine. Man! It's hard coming home from vacation! Especially when the vacation includes beautiful weather, lounging by the pool, room service, and a spa.

Let me just tell you about the spa at the Omni Interlocken in Broomfield, CO. Because Mom and I took some time out to experience the spa. (Thanks Dad and Honey for treating us.) They have a wonderful massage therapist there named Kelly. She was so sweet and hospitable. Also, her massage skillz? They were amazing. My muscles thought they'd died and gone to massage heaven. Then we met these other ladies that were nail technicians. They were so nice and fun to talk to. They told us all about the area and the coolest places to visit. They told us about their families and listened to stories about my kids, some from me and some from Mom. Because you can't be around my mom long before she starts talking about the grand kids. Anyways, the spa is a must do if you're ever at the Omni Interlocken.

Another cool thing about the Omni is that they had these drivers that would drive you anywhere you wanted to go for free! Well, anywhere in the immediate area. You know, like, no farther than say 3 or 4 miles from the hotel. You just walked down to the lobby and asked one of the service people that get paid to hang out and wait on the guests 24/7 if they would mind taking you to the pedestrian mall, or the Nordstrom's outlet, or the McDonalds for breakfast, or the Walmart. Because even though you're on vacation, you still can't go more than 3 days without a trip to Walmart.

Anyways, they always said "Sure, where do you want to go?" as they grabbed the keys to the Expedition or the Explorer whichever was available at the time. They just dropped you off and gave you a business card with instructions to call as soon as you were ready to be picked up. Pretty cool, huh? The drivers were always really nice too. They were usually young kids working their way through college and they knew all the must-see places in town, too.

My favorite souvenir from the trip are my new flip flops. I'd been looking for some casual, sporty, yet classic flip flops for quite a while. The catch was always that I also needed some comfort and supp0rt. So I came across these from TEVA and I lurve them! In fact I was torn because they came in such cute colors and I really wanted the spaqua ones, but my logical side won out and I got the black ones. Because black goes with everything. And, well, spaqua doesn't. And they are $25. Which is a mighty steep price for me to pay for flip flops. Especially when you can buy a pair at Old Navy for $3.99. But the Old Navy ones don't even come close to the level of comfort, support, sportyness, and classicness of the TEVAs. And, what the heck! We're on vacation! We can splurge a little! So, if I'm ever on vacation again, or I find another excuse to splurge, I'm totally going to buy the spaqua ones.

I made a huge dent in my summer reading list. I read the 2 books that I took with me (Family and Forever) and I still had 2 days left, so I went looking for the next book and found all three for a great price (a really great price), so I bought them all! Hey, it's vacation, right?! I finished Sunrise by the time we got home, so I've only got 2 left in my Karen Kingsbury series.

However, I'm going to take a break from the Baxters and read another book. When I'm done with it, we're going to play a little bloggy game with it. It will be so much fun, so stay tuned!

Happy summer, y'all!


Misty said...

It sounds great... how can you go wrong with new flip flops, reading and a spa??? :)

SJ said...

Woooo! Sounds fun and I like the flip flops!