Monday, March 14, 2011

This week...

Grinning on the inside smile
Saturday Brooke's blood sugar was in the 100s all day! That's a first for us.

I'm too sexy for my shirt smile
I'm loving me some Vera Bradley. When I bought the laptop, Honey said he would buy me any case I wanted. I immediately picked out this...and Folkloric.

A few weeks ago life changed and I realized that I had to carry some sort of bag packed with all things diabetic whenever we left the house. So I got this. In Folkloric. So I can be all matchy-matchy.

I think Honey reads the blog now, so I better lay off the Vera Bradley for a while:)

Yes, I'll have another thankyouverymuch smile
I'm loving the Cheerios family of cereals right now. If you stick to the serving size on the box, the points for Weight Watchers figure to be the same as the serving size of Fiber One. And they are all carb friendly so Brooke feels like she's eating sugary, kid cereal and not healthy stuff. It's a win/win. Her current favorite is the Cinnamon Cheerios flavor, but she also likes the Honey Nut and Frosted variety.

Put your feet up and relax smile
It's Spring Break! About Wednesday last week I was telling one of the other 4th grade teachers that I was so ready. I know she was thinking, whatever, you've been here 5 days, and was just too kind to say it.

I knew He would all along smile
I feel like I work for the IRS. I bet people that work for the IRS are a little embarassed to tell what they do for a living. The IRS is so hated...just because they are the ones that have to collect the taxes. Since no one likes taxes, no one likes the IRS.

Gas prices are going up, but I can't complain. A good part of Honey's business is based on the oil and gas companies. When gas prices are up, business is good for him.

In our town, gas is about $3.30 a gallon. For the record, we're really fine with the prices when they are about $2.75...$3.30 is a little much. But when they go back down to $2.15 and $2.20...and we all know they is hard for us.

Not sure why I needed to share that. I guess I'm trying to say, "I feel you, dawg." or maybe "Don't be a hater." Either way.

How funny is that? smile
Last week Bubba and a friend decided to do the famous "Who's On First" skit for the school talent show.

I could do this all day smile
Honey, the girls, and I have been playing the Smurfs game on the iPad. He's the farmer, I'm the decorator, and the girls are the game players.

Grinning with anticipation smile
Spring Break Road Trip 2011

Make your eyes twinkle smile
Today is chore day, chores today, play the rest of the week. My eyes will twinkle when the chores are done.


valerie in TX said...

There's a school talent show?

Misty said...

Loved this! What a super cute way to update... you are SO clever!

(and yay for cheerios!)

Kathy Lynn said...

Can't wait to see them do "who's on first". That's awesome. Glad they are planning ahead. :)