Thursday, July 28, 2011

Because I'm the mom of a middle school boy

The last time my parents were out of town, Gran hired my son to water her flowers. While the girls and I were bringing in the mail and UPS deliveries, Bubba went to the backyard. I went to tell him we were ready to go, and this is what I found.

He said, "Mom, take my picture and text it to Grampy."
I couldn't resist. I sent it to Uncle Bubba, too. That's the type of thing he would really get a kick out of. Uncle Bubba texted back, "I hope they don't die!"
He's so getting fired.


Misty said...

so funny!

valerie in TX said...

Ahaha - too funny! And, don't say those "middle school" words too loudy. I'm still in denial and plan to stay that way until August 21.

Misty said...

Yep..Thats a boy for you! :) I just read your comment. Yes Isaac wears his pod on his arms, he also wears them on his legs, back,and belly. When he is being active he wears spandex bands over the pod. We have arm, belly and leg bands. We got them from Bands for life and Tallygear.( I have a picture of them on my blog in a post) They are snug and make the pod feel more secure and harder to get bumped off,etc. We haven't had to remove his pod for any activity/sports.(we put a new pod on him every 3 days) He also plays basketball and is very involved in hunting..(ACTIVE :) He really wanted the omnipod because it is tubeless. He has been flip/flopping on trampolines-swimming and all kinds of things and has never had one come off yet. Those bands sure help. Isaac was diagnosed in Dec. 2010. We started the omnipod/dexcom cgm in June. He really likes the pump. Very user friendly. I am thankful for the new technologies that make living/dealing with diabetes easier. Thanks for blogging-it was "nice" to meet you.

kimberly t. bowling said...

As the mother of two boys, this picture and story CRACK ME UP.

Amy said...

Totally normal boy. Yep. It is in the Y chromosone to act this way ;)