Friday, July 29, 2011

Something borrowed, something new

My husband loves a good meal that includes pork. So, when I was searching the internets for a new recipe or two, this one caught my eye. It seemed easy, and the ingredients were simple enough that I would be likely to cook it.

We had Gina's Kalua Pork . The recipe on Gina's website is really only directions on how to purchase, prepare, and cook the pork roast in the crock pot. I couldn't find the exact cut of meat that Gina suggested, but I did find a shoulder cut the same size she suggested.

I prepared the roast exactly like Gina suggested, but I cooked it in my newer, cooks pretty warm crock pot for much less time. I started it at about 7:30 in the morning on high, and then about 10:30 when I noticed it had quite a bit of liquid and boiling on the edges, I turned it down to low. It was cooked and tender enough to shred at 4:00, so I turned it down to warm until about 5:30 when we were ready to eat.

To serve the pork, I just copied Gina's picture. I bought whatever kind of lettuce that has the big green leaves...similar to Romaine, but softer. I also made some brown fried rice. I cooked the rice according to the directions. In a pan I cooked some zucchini, frozen peas, and frozen corn in sesame oil. When the veggies were soft, I put in some drained pineapple tidbits and warmed them.

Then I added the rice, some salt, pepper, garlic, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp pineapple juice, and warmed it all in the pan until it looked done. See how scientific I am?

So, we made wraps with the rice and pork wrapped in the lettuce and fresh fruit on the side.

It was good. Everyone said they would eat it again. The pork was yummy.

Honey and I thought I needed to get a little better at seasoning the rice. It really needed a bit more soy sauce, salt, and ginger. I was afraid to over salt because I didn't know how the pork and soy sauce would be. I didn't add any ginger even though I'm pretty sure you put that in fried rice.

I made the box directions for 6 servings of rice and added 2 cups of cut up veggies and 1 small can of pineapple. Next time I'll just make enough rice for 4 servings. Each wrap only ends up using about 1/8 cup cooked rice. We had tons left over.

It was a good balanced meal for Brooke, and the rest of us, but having a little bit of everything at meal time really helps Brooke's sugar. She had protein, fat, carbs, and veggies.

Have you tried a new recipe recently? I would love to hear about it.

**Edited to add a sideways picture (Blogger?... hello?) of the leftovers I had for lunch today. The kids opted for a sandwich on a roll without the rice. Although, my carb loving Mary Tutu tried asking for a roll and rice:)**

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