Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Circle of Life

We did it. We drove to one of our favorite places on Earth, left our baby there, and came home. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't even a little jealous that he's staying 2 weeks and we're not.

The camp director Honey and I worked for used to say, "Campers grow up and become counselors. Counselors grow up, get married, and become teachers. And teachers beget more campers." Yep, that's pretty much how it worked for us.

I didn't even cry. Well, not about leaving Bubba.

He loaded the car this morning. This is the luggage he had.

He kinda' had a lot. I think it's because he let me help him pack...and I'm a girl...and girls tend to over pack.

This is what time we left our house this morning.

We left at 6:24. That means that I'd been up for a while before that.

And yes, that's XM radio. Our new to us suburban has XM and we got a free 3 month trial. My mother-in-law told us to be sure and remember to call and cancel it after 3 months. Honey said not to worry, he wouldn't forget. He's good at remembering that kind of stuff.

I've decided that XM radio is like having cable. So many channels and nothing to listen to. We spent the majority of the 10 hours in the car looking for...or, listening for... a good channel.

We sat in the car for 5 hours, arrived at camp in time for worship, and then ate lunch, and then sat in the car for 5 more hours. I'm tired of sitting, so tired that I'm standing at the breakfast bar while I type.

Honey and I had fun visiting and catching up with our people at camp. During worship, I was overcome with emotion. Not because I was leaving Bubba, but because it felt so good to be there... with those people. It was good.

And I wish we could have stayed.

Bubba is in a small cabin, only 7 or 8 campers. He's related to 2 of them and met the son of a friend while standing in line to register, so he was already half way to having a cabin full of new friends by the time we said goodbye. He didn't hug me, but he did ask me in which bag we packed his basketball shorts. See? He still needs me. It was actually better than a hug.

This is what time we made it home.

This is how many miles we drove today.
And I still found the energy to post. How's that for dedication to NaBloPoMo July?


Amy said...

I was just starting to worry about you, sister! Now that I know the reason for the delay. I am extra impressed.

You rock NaBloPoMo!!!!

And I love that you 'feel the love' when someone you take care of asks where something is. Love language :)

Go run some laps then go to bed!

Su said...

Wow, that is a lot of driving! Well done! I used to feel sorry for my parents (once I got to the age to think about it) for having to drive to camp, drop me off, then drive home. Such a long drive and they didn't get in on the fun!

It makes me happy that CBH is one of your favourite places on earth, because I feel the same way about *my* summer camp. Sometimes I wonder if that's weird, but clearly it is not.

Did you take the girls with you for this massive road trip?

Anonymous said...

I think that we buy into the lie about Disney being the greatest place on earth, it is really CBH! A milt closer to Heaven! Thank you to the men that had this vision, and everyone over the last 54 years that has brought people closer to God and their brother and sisters in Christ! Thank you LORD for your blessing on this camp!

Anonymous said...

That should be A mile closer to Heaven!