Saturday, July 02, 2011

To Bubba, with love.

Tomorrow we're taking Bubba to camp. He'll be there 2 weeks.

Two. Whole. Weeks.

He couldn't be more excited.

My brain says that he'll have the time of his life. My heart says 2 weeks is a long time.

The best thing about being gone 2 weeks is that there is plenty of time to send a care package. The girls and I need some ideas. What should we pack in Bubba's care package?


Su said...

Wow, two weeks? Yay for you! I couldn't talk my parents into two weeks until I was 14! ;)

Care package... hmm... Is he taking a camera? An extra disposable camera would be cool. Perhaps the Sunday comics. Something snack-y that he can share that won't attract ants to his bed. A picture of his sisters taking over his room. ;)

Ashley said...

How fun! I love camp!
My mom always sent leftover Christmas or Valentine's Day cards to us. It always embarrassed me so much.
A care package would be awesome! Su has some good ideas. I can't think of anything to add. I would love snacks the most. :)

Amy said...

You are doing NaBloPoMo July, too?! Woot-Woot!!!!

As for the care package, lots of photos of all the fun things he is missing ;) hehehehe. Okay, not really. How about things to share with his other campers? Little things . . . maybe packs of his favorite gum, candy or something little like that. Include a bunch of teh same thing so he can pass it around and be the coolest kid at camp!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the leftover cards that were sealed with a big ol' lipstick kiss!! LOL
They hated it, but as you can see, it is now a fond memory that makes her smile. ;)

Carrie B said...

That previous comment was not meant to be anonymous. ;)

Laci said...

hmm, I've been thinking about this and I'd say..snacks, extra socks and undies,(which could be mildly embarassing, but he'll get over it) a camera, deo, notes from family and maybe a picture or two. Maybe include a written note about a bible verse that impacted you when you were at camp, ALL those years ago, ;0)