Monday, July 04, 2011

I'm really not that hard to please.

Saturday night we dropped the girls off at Mom and Dad's so they could spend the night and not be up as early as we were on Sunday when we took Bubba to camp. As we were leaving, Bubba asked if we could go get ice cream.
It used to be one of our favorite things to do on a summer evening. But this summer we've avoided it, because of T1D. There just isn't a good way to do that right now.
If she eats it before bed, she can have 15g (of carbs), but really, how much ice cream do you get for 15g? We usually end up buying some at the store, measuring it at home, and having it that way. Which is fine...unless what you really want is to go out and get a Blizzard, because 15g is not much when it's a Blizzard.
Anyway...Brooke wasn't with us, so after a pinkie swear to never tell the girls we went there without them, we stopped in to our favorite self serve frozen yogurt shop. Do y'all have these? We've just had a few in our town pop up in the last year or so. You serve yourself frozen yogurt and add toppings, then weigh what you have and pay by the ounce.
We'd been in once since T1D and it was hard. We had to ask for nutritional information, which they had for the yogurt but not the toppings. Have you ever tried to tell Brooke that she can have the yogurt but not the toppings? Or, why don't you get the fresh strawberries instead of the brownie chunks for your topping?
And I hate that look you get when you ask for nutritional information at places like this. It's the look that says, "If you're on a diet, why are you here?"
The first answer we got when we asked was something like, "Our products are low fat." Yeah...not really what I was looking for...
And when we finally did get some nutritional information, it was only for the vanilla or chocolate flavors...and the serving sizes were measured in grams, but the scale at the shop only measured in ounces.
But! When we walked in Saturday night, this is what we saw:

The nutritional information for every flavor they offered that day posted right above the yogurt machine! Complete with the serving size! And the serving size was given in the same units that the scale at the shop used! It was a T1D miracle.
Theoretically, we could measure and weigh Brooke's chosen yogurt, be better prepared with the carb counts and serving sizes of the toppings, or bring a topping from home, like mashed up Oreos, or chocolate chips, or any sort of breakfast cereal, and know exactly what she's eating. Yay!
And the sugar free flavor was only 16g per serving. That means it's actually possible to get a smaller serving, add a bit of a topping, and have a bedtime snack all ready to go. Yay!
Before T1D I never knew how happy easy access to nutritional information would make me. This little outing kinda' made my summer. Happy 4th of July, Brooke!


Su said...

Seriously. The self-serve yogurt places are spreading like a really yummy plague.

And Chad and I can't seem to go past them without walking in.

Yay for nutritional information!

Amy said...

We have a serve your own frozen yogurt place in town, but it only lists caloriesd and fats. Pffffttttt.

I just use our Calorie King book and the weight of the yogurt and SWAG from there.

I *might* have to print off those photos and take them in to our yogurt placer and DEMAND they play nice ;)