Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm glad I didn't have anything better to do.

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day at our house. Bubba and I exercised. We all showered. I fixed breakfast and lunch. That's pretty much it.

We'd missed our weekly visit to Sonic on Thursday, so I told the kids if we could all get going and get dressed, we would make a Sonic run, and go to the video store to rent a movie for them to watch this weekend.

Yes, we still go to the video store...occasionally. But only when we've exhausted all Redbox and Free Video on Demand options. We're the last family in America that doesn't use Netflix ... according to Bubba.

As we were walking out the door, Bubba said he'd rather just get a cup with ice from Sonic and drink a Blue Sky from the fridge at home. Blue Sky is Bubba's newest soda obsession. He discovered them while living at CBH for two weeks. Honey and I are happy to indulge him every now and then because Blue Sky brings back such fond memories for us. We are beyond proud to pass the Blue Sky love on to our offspring.

When Mary Tutu heard this plan, she jumped on the Blue Sky band wagon, and Bubba agreed to share one of his coveted cans.

Looking back, I think this is the point where I lost all common mom sense and reverted to "do what you gotta do to make everyone happy" mode.

On the way to Sonic for 2 diet Dr. Peppers and 2 cups of Sonic ice, Brooke decided that she didn't want any of the diet soda options that Sonic offers. She wanted a Blue Sky, or something equally exotic. Sadly, Blue Sky does not offer a carb free soda, so I began bargaining that we would get her a drink at Sonic and then run by World Market and try to find something more exciting for her to have next time.

No go. She wanted a cup of ice and to drink whatever we found at World Market.

The crazy in me agreed and ordered 1 diet Dr. Pepper and 3 cups of ice. I'll be the first to admit that Sonic ice is the best, but, really, an order like that should have tipped me off that I might have crossed some sort of "how much time do you really have to waste?" line.

Our ice was delivered, the Blue Sky was poured, I took a loooong drag of diet Dr. Pepper, and we set out for World Market.

As it turns out, World Market doesn't have the selection of diet drinks I thought they would. After 15 minutes of looking, we finally found some diet cream soda. It looked exotic, so Brooke was happy. We headed to the check out.

The only register that was open had one customer and something was going on because the cashier was on the phone, consulting a 3 ring binder, and talking to a manager. I was relieved when the teen girl and supervisor at the other register put their conversation on hold and opened their lane.

They rang up our soda, gave me the total, and when I tried to pay with my debit card, told me that their systems were down and that they would have to call in and have my card run through the system the old fashioned way. I didn't have any cash, so they pulled out a three ring binder, dialed the phone, and began to consult with each other.

Let's just say, I know now why people preferred cash back in the day of the carbon copy credit card receipts. In fact my debit card doesn't have the raised numbers on it, so their carbon copy system was useless. Fifteen minutes later, our purchase was secured and we headed to the car to pour Brooke's cream soda over her partially melted Sonic ice.

Except, when we got to the car, I realized that I didn't have a bottle opener.

No, I'm not kidding.

Brooke began to cry and curse diabetes. I took a loooong drag of diet Dr. Pepper.

In an effort to put the longest. Sonic. run. ever. behind us, we stopped at Walgreens. I left the kids in the car with the air running and Bubba in charge. Walgreens had individual bottles of diet root beer on sale 2 for $3. I grabbed the last two. I quickly turned around, and in my hurry literally ran in to the parents of my college roommate.

We shared a short visit in the checkout line, a good chuckle over my Sonic shenanigans, and hugs all around before I headed back out to the car. I poured Brooke's diet root beer over her semi melted Sonic ice, I took a loooong drag of diet Dr. Pepper, and an hour after leaving the house for a Sonic run, all of us finally had a drink.

And we still had to agree on a video.

Who's ready for school to start?


Su said...

I thought I had a drink suggestion for you, but after poking around on the Irn Bru USA website I am unable to confirm the presence of Irn Bru at World Market. However, if you do happen to run across an orange-y soda with this strange name in the diet version, it might be exotic enough for Brooke. It's Scottish and I love it; your mileage may vary. Here's the website (the UK version) with the nutrition information:

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Now you know what it is like to live in Cattle Gap Egypt! A Sonic run is at least 45 minutes...and that is straight there and back without side trips! Which is why we do Netflix and love it! (Until they close our post office. UGH!)

Sorry it was such a hassle.

Amy said...

Love this post. Why? I totally do these silly things to appease and make the masses grin. My Sonic drink of choice is a Sprite Zero with cranberry flavoring added. Ellie (my T1D) will get a cup of ice (yep! the bestest) and we will ruch home to throw the ice and a diet root beer in the blender.

The looooong slurps of my drink are always halfway gone by the time Ellie gets her first taste, but that is the way it goes sometimes ;)

Will have to try out that BluSky . . . never had it!

Lora said...

Hi! I followed you over from Amy's blog :)

I LOVE Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic and we like to call it "rabbit turd ice"... its the best ice ever! But I've been off the "juice" for a while so I can loose a few lbs's

Glad I found you :)

valerie in TX said...

Oh my gosh, this totally sounds like any average outing on any average day around my house. :) And....where do you buy Blue Sky around here?