Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last night Honey and I made Gina's Chicken Divan for supper. It was really good. Everyone ate it.


All five of us.


We made it just like Gina said to make it. Well almost. I used dried minced onions instead of shallots, because Momma don't use real onions when she cooks.

We also used garlic powder instead of crushed garlic cloves, because Momma don't use fresh garlic cloves when she cooks.

We also left out the sherry/wine because, well, Momma don't keep alcohol in the house.

But other than that, we made it just like Gina. And it was good. You should try it.


Roselady said...

Thanks for sharing. I think chicken has potential, but I always seem to make mine in the most boring way .... this looked good...and I think I'm going to go with the real onion/garlic/sherry...

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

LOL...this momma don't do real onions unless I love you a WHOLE lot!

Amy said...

Oh girlfriend. No fresh onions? No fresh crushed garlic? I use at least one of the two EVERYTIME I cook dinner. Wouldn't be the same without. Have you tried the fresh stuff????? Come on over and let me cook for ya, okay?!

Misty said...

you are so funny... though the latter two aren't an issue for me, but still... if only it didn't have meat... cuz this mama doesn't like to do that.

valerie in TX said...

I just learned about diced, frozen onions about a year ago from a friend of mine. They're inexpensive and so easy to just pull out the bag and toss a few into a recipe. Perfect! Also, I use jarred, diced garlic. It's not "fresh", but still tastes fabulous. Love! Can you tell I like shortcuts? :)