Monday, August 08, 2011

Well, hello there.'s been a week. I think I ran out of stuff to say in July when I did NaBloPoMo. Kinda'. I went back and counted, I missed 5 days.

Some things that distracted me last week:

- Monday evening I drove Honey's car to Bunko. About 10 blocks from the house, the car started overheating. I turned the air conditioner off and called Honey. He came and drove it home.
We spent Tuesday doing the Get the Car Fixed Shuffle. Rental cars, mechanics, unloading and reloading were all involved.
Honey couldn't miss work, he had a small concrete repair project to do for one of his customers, so he rented a car for 3 days, transferred the tools he needed to the rental car, and drove a couple of hours down the road.
Honey called about 3:30 and told me his car was fixed. And the bill was almost $750. Yes, I said seven hundred fifty dollars. It's amazing how fast they can get stuff fixed when it means $750. I went to pay the bill and pick up the car keys because Honey wouldn't be back in town until after the shop closed.
When I wrote the check, I told Nick that was the fastest I'd ever spent $750. He said in his slow Texas drawl, "I don't believe that."
I met Honey at the car rental store and we unloaded a grinder, some sort of chemicals in white buckets, a hand held dust devil thing, some black gloves, and various and assundry other things he'd used. I'm pretty sure they thought we were making bombs. We're probably on the government watch list now. If you see black and white surveliance pictures of us unloading the rental car, please don't look at my hair. It had been a long day.
- That very same night, I got in the shower at about 9:45 and Honey left to pick Bubba up from a birthday party. The boys had been playing hide-and-seek, at the church, in the dark, and Bubba ended up knocking heads pretty hard with another kid there.
They both ended up in the ER around 10:30, Bubba to the children's ER and his older friend with a much wider, deeper gash in his eyebrow, to the adult ER. By 11:30 his friend had 6 stitches and had come over to check on Bubba. They waited a while, took a short drive over to the adult ER hoping the line was shorter, and ended up back in the children's ER.
I was at home with the girls, watching Pawn Stars, and waiting for the text/facebook updates. At 1:15, about the time I was dozing off, they got to see a doctor. Bubba ended up with 9 stitches.

He was all smiles the next morning. His only complaint was that, "when it heals, you'll barely be able to see it."

- Less exciting, but still distracting...I'm back to counting points for Weight Watchers...hardcore counting. Which means there has been some hardcore meal planning going on, and hardcore cooking, and hardcore water drinking. And this week? I've got to get back to the hardcore exercising.

- I finally found a book to read this summer that I liked...The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. In January I read The Forgotten Garden also by Morton. They are both really good books.

- School starts in two weeks. This week we will pick up Bubba's first middle school schedule and find out who the girls' teachers will be. I'm ready for school to start...we have a few shopping trips before I'm ready for school to start.

- I'm also going to a meeting this week to learn more about our local ADA walk in September. We're getting a team together. If you know me in real life and want to walk with us and help raise money for Diabetes research, let me know. Won't that be fun?!

-What have you got going this week?


Roselady said...

Not just one comment, two today...
1. I thought this was really funny: When I wrote the check, I told Nick that was the fastest I'd ever spent $750. He said in his slow Texas drawl, "I don't believe that."
2. The Morton books, of which I have read both, are super good. And, there's a new one that I haven't picked up yet...

Misty said...

oh car repairs... Blech!

Hardcore Meal Planning... i love it!

This week we officially transition from homeschooling to schooling. EEK!!!

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Wow! I didn't realize Bubba had to have stitches! Hope it heals well.

Ugh! Car repairs! Been there too.

Part of me is REALLY ready for school to start. We have school supplies and new jeans. We are good to go!

I have finally had some consistency exercizing, but I need to get back to the whole meal planning/eating better thing. That has gone by the wayside for a while.

Those sound like good books. I need a good read!

Today I cleaned house, washed, and packed to go to SweetHeart's hometown for his parent's 50th anniversary. Well...not quite done yet. I just had to take a cyber buddy break. Glad you posted! Love you, Friend!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Big bucks shelled out for car repairs...tell me about it! So far this year, I think we've spent enough to have bought a new, albeit tiny, car. :)

I'm sad school is about to begin for means my kids are growing up even more!!

Wish I lived closer, would totally sign up to walk with dad has diabetes.

And I so wish you would email me your WW meal plan ideas.

Anonymous said...

It was a cray week, thank the Lord He got us through it!

Amy said...

Weight Watchers ::sigh:: oh how you worked for me . . . 2 times! I need you back in my life but I don't want to count no stinkin' points. So, I will rally and cheer for Jenni and live my life vicariously through her. Well, minus the car repair bill and a son with stitches. I will take note of the book, however ! ;)