Monday, August 29, 2011

All a girl really needs is a good hairdryer.

The kids started school last week. That means it's time for our bi-annual paint fest. It's much easier to paint when the kids are in school.

It seems like the paint bug usually bites in the spring and then again the first week of school. We've painted the office, the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room...twice, and the living room.

This weekend we painted the hallway and the kids' bathroom.

Kids' bathroom before

Kids' bathroom after
We have this colorful, not too girly, not too boy-ish shower curtain that I love. I bought it in an effort to brighten up that bathroom without having to paint. Because I'm lazy and painting around the toilet was not high on my Exciting Things To Do list.
The before picture proves that the shower curtain wasn't enough bright. But which color do you choose to paint the walls when you want to decorate with every color under the rainbow? That was the dilema that kept me up at night for 4 years.
When I finally decided on a color, Honey said to go buy the paint and we'll do it this weekend. He's learned to jump as soon as I decide on a color, because I've been known to change my mind a time or two.
As projects usually go around here, "painting the bathroom" quickly snowballed in to replacing the bathroom light fixture, and painting the hallway.
And, as projects usually go around here, "we'll" do it this weekend quickly turned in to Honey doing most of the work because I had a 1/2 day sub job that I'd forgotten about. Honey had the hall finished and the first coat on the bathroom by the time I got home from school.
We went to the football game Friday night and got to bed kind of late, so I slept in Saturday morning. By the time I woke up, Honey was putting the finishing touches on the second coat.
I did, however make some new wall art .
I got the idea from Meg at Whatever. When I saw this project, I immediately thought of our shower curtain. I bought a 22'x28' canvas and used the long side for the crayons. I bought a box of 64 crayons and needed 2 boxes of 24 to supplement. It took 82 crayons to cover the 28' across the top of the canvas. I just followed Meg's instructions.
We used my hairdryer to melt the crayons. The kids loved watching the colors run. They all tried melting, but liked watching better. We did it in the garage with some packing paper covering the floor. If you don't hold the hairdryer the right way the wax does sort of sling everywhere. Hot wax on the toes kinda' burns.
I think I'm going to add some words to the bottom in the white space. I'm thinking "Be clean."
We'll see.


Roselady said...

Wow, love the creative artistry in your house.

Jenni said...

so cute....I've seen that crayon art all over Pinterest the last few days....

Laci said...

aww Robert it so sweet!!
And the crayon art turned out really neat, how did you ever decide on a color layout? See, I think I would have been moving the crayons around forever.. but yours looks great!!

valerie in TX said...

So cute! I saw these over at Meg's too and thought it would be so fun to make one, but not sure where I would put it. And I love the idea of words at the bottom. :)

Anonymous said...

well that's cool crayon art!!!

jenifer said...

i love it!

Amy said...

I have seen those crayon-melt canvases all over the internet . . . and your is fantastic!!! I love the idea of adding some words. You know, like:

Wipe you butt.
Wash you hands.
Check the seat for skid marks.
Did you pee IN the bowl?
Hang up the ^$*%^$(*&^ towel!
Make your Mama soem brownies ;)

Su said...

I can't believe I missed this post! I was just wondering the other day if you were about to start painting again... your reputation precedes you! ;) And I love the crayon art.